This is why you need to become a male escort


If you could have the perfect job what would it be? It could be any number of a million things, but guess what? It still wouldn’t be as perfect as the job that I have. From the moment that I decided that I wanted to become a male escort my life has changed in so many ways. Not only am I making a good living, I’m also getting to meet with some of the sexiest women that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It wasn’t something that I’d always wanted to do, if anything I really seen myself doing anything but being a male escort. It’s funny how life works, it takes just a simple twist of fate and suddenly you find yourself doing that one thing that you never dreamed about. For me it wasn’t really about choice, it was more a decision on making a few extra dollars and at a time when I needed it I was more willing to put myself out there than ever before.

Looking back it’s nice to feel like it was the best choice that I ever made. These days I’ve got more confidence in myself, and my appearance and that wouldn’t be the case if I wasn’t around gorgeous babes all the time. I feel like my life would have went very downhill if I didn’t push myself to the limit and try something new and exciting. Life is all about choices and it might be time that you made one and stuck to it.

I doubt there’s a guy out there that wouldn’t love to know that he can see hot women and actually make money from doing it. Of course it’s not something that all men can do, you need to be in shape and know what a women wants. Just be courteous, respectful, and most important of all when a women talks to you just listen, do that and you’ll be there most important man ever.